Otis Taylor

With Otis Taylor, it’s best to expect the unexpected. While his music, an amalgamation of roots styles in their rawest form, discusses heavyweight issues like murder, homelessness, tyranny, and injustice, his personal style is lighthearted. “I’m good at dark, but I’m not a particularly unhappy person,” he says. “I’d just like to make enough money to buy a Porsche.” Part of Taylor’s appeal is his contrasting character traits. But it is precisely this element of surprise that makes him one of the most compelling artists to emerge in recent years. In fact, Guitar Player magazine writes, “Otis Taylor is arguably the most relevant blues artist of our time.” Whether it’s his unique instrumentation (he fancies banjo and cello), or it’s the sudden sound of a female vocal, or a seemingly upbeat optimistic song takes a turn for the forlorn, what remains consistent is poignant storytelling based in truth and history. On his sixth CD, Double V, Taylor unleashes intimate tales as he produces an aural excursion inspired by an unconventional childhood.

Robin Barrett & Coyote Kings with Tiph.

Since 2006, Blues-rockers, Coyote Kings, have been recording and performing, winning awards, collecting rave reviews, and playing to enthusiastic audiences & devoted fans. With four albums released and one on the way, “That little old band from Walla Walla” has established themselves as a presence in the Northwest and beyond

They are now working with 2016 Inland Empire Best Female Performer Award Winner Tiphony Dames!


Jody Carroll

Jody Carroll is an acoustic blues & Roots performer and songwriter

His performances are a site to behold as he effortlessly creates modern interpretations of old Blues masters, his own amazing songs and stories or improvisational musical journeys. It’s like watching a Robert Johnson or Son House of old if they had been influenced by everything that came after them. 



JunkBelly is a Blues Rock band that began grooving North Central Washington in 2008. JunkBelly drops a heavy hitting classic groove with a blend of kickin’ originals and unique covers. Come get some JunkBelly!

Ben Johnson Blues Co.

Ben Johnson is the band leader, guitarist and vocalist of Shoot Jake, a 3 piece rock and roll band from Yakima, WA that tours regularly throughout the Northwest.  As they continue to perform more original rock music, Ben started Ben Johnson’s Blues Company as an outlet to return to straight ahead blues music.  The band features a rotating cast of some of the best blues musicians from around the state.


Brett “Bad Blood” Benton

Alabama-born and Southern-raised, Brett “Bad Blood” Benton left the city of Pensacola, FL to perform his hill country and delta style of blues around the country and the world. Currently in the Pacific Northwest, this 25-year-old artist has shared his soulful and southern style in a quickly-growing list of places ranging from Edgar Allen Poe’s historic neighborhood alongside Richmond’s own The Bush League, historic theaters, county fairs, countless restaurants and music venues, good ole fashioned house parties, front porches, graveyards and in the deep of the woods.